Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying Abroad

Study Abroad meritsEvery coin has two sides.  One must be aware about various pros and cons of studying abroad. This article shows the various advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad. Best Universities of USA & UK are listed here.

Education Abroad Advantages:

  • Improved learning experience

Studying abroad helps students in learning new technology. India is a developing country. When we compare our education system with well developed countries there will be a vast amount of difference in the way in which education is being cultivated and also by the same time we get to learn about advanced technologies. So studying abroad helps students to learn advanced concepts and helps them to improve their knowledge widely.

  •  Exposure to new language, culture

The students who are studying in foreign countries have exposure towards the language and culture of other countries. Learning new language is one of the greatest experiences which a student can get in his life time and studying abroad paves way for it.

  • Improving the level of one’s self confidence

Students who are studying abroad have lot of opportunities to improve one self. That is the students can live independently and they have a chance to understand themselves. Since they are dependent on their family members studying abroad will be a great opportunity by which one can learn how to live independently and also improves their maturity.

  • Immense amount of job opportunities

When a student complete his graduation or post graduation abroad there will be lot of job opportunities here in India. Studying abroad is always been an added advantage while looking for a job. Some employers may look for students with proficiency in foreign language. Various qualities like self-motivation, broad mindedness, hands-on experience of advanced technology will be some of the qualities where an employer may look for.  So studying abroad improves the change of getting job.

Study Abroad Disadvantages:

  • Loneliness

There will be lot of psychological aspects which must be considered before opting to study abroad. The parents should help students in deciding about it. Because some students may feel very difficult in living independent and also they may feel lonely. So one must be mentally prepared about various aspects while studying abroad both positives and negatives.


I would like to conclude this article by making a point that the advantages of studying abroad are more when comparing to its disadvantages. So studying abroad can be a life changing experience for a person.