Education Loan in State Bank of Hyderabad [SBH]

State bank of hyderabadState Bank of Hyderabad education loan -get details from SBH and how to approach techniques. Know about Eligibility criteria, education loan interest rates in SBH & documents required.

Also find the complete details of maximum amount for education loan, courses which are eligible to get study loan. Information is given below,.

State bank of Hyderabad[SBH]—Education loan


The aim of this scheme is to provide extended financial assistance for students to all deserving and meritorious students.

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SBH education loan Eligibility criteria

  • Nationality should be Indian
  • Students should have secured admission for any professional or technical courses through entrance test or should have secured admission from any major abroad universities.

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Eligible courses for Study loan

a)  Courses in India

  • U.G courses/P.G courses conducted by AICTE/IMC/UGC/AU,
  • Regular courses or diploma courses conducted by major autonomous institutions,
  • Special courses or diploma courses like Pilot training, Shipping, Aeronautical approved by Civil Aviation.
  • Teacher training or nurse training courses approved by central Government/State Government,

b)  Courses in Abroad

Job related professional or technical U.G courses or P.G courses like MS, MCA, MBA offered by major universities.

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Expenses included in a Loan

  • College or hostel fee,
  • Lab fee, uniform fee, book fee and examination fee,
  • Purchase of Computers or laptops.
  • Other expenses such as Travel expenses[If study abroad], Study tours[IV], Project work.

Maximum loan amount

  • For study in India, maximum up to Rs. 10,00000
  • For Study Abroad, maximum up to Rs. 20,00000

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SBH Study loan’s Interest rate:

For Up to Rs. 4,00000 interest rate will be 13.50% P.A.

For Above Rs. 4,00000 interest rate will be 14% P.A.

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SBH Students loan – Security Docs,

  • Up to Rs. 4,00000 : No Security but acceptance of parent or guardian’s statement.
  • Above Rs.4,00000 and up to Rs.7,50000 : Third party guarantee,
  • Above Rs.7,50000 : Acceptance of parents or Guardians guarantee along with the future income statement.

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Documents required:

  • PAN Card proof of the student & the Parent or guardian.
  • Parent’s Bank account statement for the last 6 months.
  • Income tax Returns or IT assessment order[If required].
  • Statement of assets and liabilities of the parent/guardian.
  • Proof of current income,
  • Statement of admission scholarship/merit.
  • Schedule of expenses for the particular degree.
  • Mark related records of last qualifying examination,
  • Few photographs of an applicant.