Flat Stomach Tips : How I got flat Tummy in 30 days without exercise

Here is a tips and tricks for flat Tummy/Stomach. Both the Guys and girls/Women’s can apply these steps. I am going to explain about How I got flat Tummy in 30 days without Gym work-outs. See maintaining a slim stomach is not finding an Einstein’s formula. It is very easy and simple.

Flat tummy in 30 days
Few moths back, people around me are kidding about my FAT-STOMACH like “School Bag”. But what happens now! It’s obvious, anyone can easily get your flat tummy in a natural way [No need to do any surgeries too]. I have given a few easy steps for you.

STEP 1: Walk daily

Do you think Daily walking for few kilometers are possible now? Obviously Not. Why because is we are having tons of works to do. So we don’t have time. Then what about health? If you don’t want to spend your money in Hospitals for your health, Just walk daily. Don’t walk too much just a kilometer is enough. I enjoy walking. I feel great now. I am daily walking around 1.5 kilometers only.

STEP 2: Use stairs

When you are going to shopping, office or any other place. Try to use stairs to go up. If the lift is available, Don’t use LIFT or other kinda resources. If you use stairs to go up, your leg and body muscles gets some work. Then it feels better.

STEP 3: Control your Tongue

Yes! Control your Tongue. Keep this in your mind as a key formula. When you are eating, don’t eat too much If the food is good. Be in your limit. If you are an Indian guy/girl, Try to avoid Rice related foods daily.

STEP 4: Eat Fruits!
In your daily food, Try to insert healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. It is used to improve your health and fitness.


If you follow the above 4 steps, within a month you will get a slim and trim stomach. If this Tummy tips are useful to you, don’t forget to share in Facebook